[LEG-chat] Upgrading to Hardy from campus

Stefano Rivera leg at rivera.za.net
Thu May 8 12:22:02 SAST 2008

Hi Max (2008.05.08_10:52:41_+0200)
> >  as "http://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release".

Well spotted, that is indeed the cause. It's a new thing that they are
using (they used to use a file on archive.ubuntu.com).

> So *that's* where it is. I assumed it was on releases.ubuntu.com, and
> therefore failed to make something like this work:
> One possible workaround might be to add changelogs.ubuntu.com and
> archive.ubuntu.com to your /etc/hosts file, and point them to LEG
> (presuming we have the right files in the right place). Perhaps
> someone should write a script to do this.

I've got a better option.

We've mirrored those files from releases.ubuntu.com, edited them to
point to LEG, and hosted them on LEG.

To get the upgrade to work, run:
http_proxy=http://ftp.leg.uct.ac.za:80/ update-manager

or on a server:
http_proxy=http://ftp.leg.uct.ac.za:80/ do-release-upgrade

I'm going to file a bug against update-manager on Launchpad - this
behaviour isn't really acceptable.

Good Luck


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